About us

Ana Ruzzarim

Chocolate Maker
I am a graduate of the Castelli Chocolataria school, Expertise in chocolates at the Chocolate Academy, based in 10 countries linked to chocolate such as Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Spain. I am currently a student at Richemont school. Chocolate is my second profession in life. Chocolate invited me to share its path and I accepted. Through him I got to know a new world with different goals and values. The desire to create a better country, producing something healthy from cocoa, scientifically proven to be a super food, led me to the production of Bean to Bar

Today, producing a chocolate, from Brazilian fine cocoa, generating a fair production chain and a tasty product, using few ingredients (cocoa, sugar and milk) is the passion that move me.

I believe I do not make chocolates, I create sensory experiences!

Negro Doce

Handmade Chocolateria

Emergence and inspirations

We are a company that loves Brazil and its natural wealth!

Our company believes that through work, we build a better and fairer world for all. We see chocolate making as a way to make sense of our lives and help our people to lead a more dignified life. So all material used in our products is produced on Brazilian soil. Made by Brazilians, like us, we seek excellence in product creation.

We prioritize natural ingredients, without preservations, flavoring or artificial agents, when you taste our chocolates we find the aroma of the forest, a tropical flavor and the strength of our people that is cheerful, festive and affectionate. Our chocolate is a hug in Brazil, a country with more than 8.511.965 km², more than 206 million inhabitants, untouched by any natural tragedy, with arable soil superior to most countries in the world, abundant water resources, no war and no religious discord separating men. A smiling country that welcomes all who arrive. A country that still has a lot to be built, but with a huge will to succeed!

Welcome to a chocolate 100% Brazilian, Gaucho and Caxiense.

100% Brazilian

Cocoa certified top, from small producers. This cocoa production has an impact on the sustainability of the cooperative network that provides employment for all the population of Pará, Espirito Santo and Bahia.

Want a tip? Combine your chocolate

Insert in your diet healthy combinations and full of flavor

With what drink would you taste a bitter chocolate? Would it be the same as a white chocolate?
Among the most common combinations are coffe, but there are more unusual options like beer and wine. Just choose and try.

Savor a full-bodied and liqueur wine with more bitter chocolate, ideally you taste the wine with a chocolate that has between 50% and 70% of cocoa. Harmonize dry red wine, opt for a Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah, with chocolate with high concentration of cocoa.

Another option is the tasting of chocolates with beer, it may seem like an unusual combination, but these foods have more similarities than you might think! More fruity beer varieties can be accompanied by white chocolates, while to accompany a bitter chocolate, nothing beats beers with roasting profile and intensity of aromas, body and bitterness.